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Virtual Analog Hardware.


€ 19,99


64 Brand New Pad-and Soundscapes For Roland Gaia SH-01, Available At The VSono Webshop.

I really had so much fun in creating this preset bank for Roland's little white one, and I have to admit this synthesizer has so much potential, in building pads and soundscapes.

Software Synthesizers.


Dark Entities


Under construction


Deep Ambient Moods

€ 9,99

VSono, Dark Entities Drones for Native Instruments Massive.

Although Massive is best know for his EDM sounds, I'am having loads of fun making drones with this synthesizer.
It is phenomenal how versatile Massive can be.
This preset expansion file,is ideal for your ethereal sound projects. 
It contains dark ambient moods,long evolving hall,machinery and outer space presets.

VSono Deep Ambient Moods For Arturia Mini V3.

To be honest the Mini V blew me away, this thing can be huge, such a nice synthesizer.
I made 32 new pad and synthscapes,and kept being amazed by the flexibility of the Arturia Mini V.

Mega Synth

VSono Mega Synth for Roland System 1 Software Synthesizer.

32 new virtual analog pad and soundscapes.
This preset expansion pack is great for all kinds of music scores.


€ 9,99

    Vintage Synth.

(Retro Electronica)

VSono Vintage Synths (Retro Electronica) for Roland System 1 Software synthesizer.

64 new vintage presets expansion pack. 
Space age here we come.
I only used the wave forms that where available in that era of synth explorations.

€ 19,99


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